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HttpChannelChild::RecvAssociateApplicationCache needs to be buffered like other necko IPDL messages


(Core :: Networking: HTTP, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: jdm, Assigned: szu.han.chang)


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The body of RecvAssociateApplicationCache ( needs to be moved into another function (AssociateApplicationCache) which is called from a runnable, exactly the same process as the surrounding Recv* functions in that file.
Attached patch Refactoring attempt #1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Refactored as described, compiled with success, ran the `make xpcshell-tests` in obj/netwerk/tests as well as `make check` in obj/netwerk/tests with all tests passing.

Not sure if additional tests need to be written / run though, please advise.
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Refactoring attempt #1

>+HttpChannelChild::RecvAssociateApplicationCache(const nsCString &groupID,
>+                                                const nsCString &clientID)
>+  if (mEventQ.ShouldEnqueue()) {
>+    mEventQ.Enqueue(new AssociateApplicationCacheEvent(this, groupID, clientID));
>+  }
>+  else {

Should be "} else {".
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Refactoring attempt #1

Good stuff.

I've fixed some nits and will check in a new patch.  Here's what I changed, FYI:

>+class AssociateApplicationCacheEvent : public ChannelEvent
>+  public:
>+    AssociateApplicationCacheEvent(HttpChannelChild* child,
>+                                   const nsCString &groupID,
>+								   const nsCString &clientID)

For some reason the above line uses tabs instead of spaces--fixed and make sure it indents with other parameters.

>+    : mChild(child)
>+    , groupID(groupID)
>+    , clientID(clientID) 

minor nit:  the clientID line has an extra space at the end of the line.

>+    {}
>+    void Run()
>+    {
>+      mChild->AssociateApplicationCache(groupID, clientID);
>+    }

I've been formatting these as one liners (see elsewhere in file), which is non-Mozilla-standard (and I'm not sorry!).  Might as well keep file consistent.

>+HttpChannelChild::AssociateApplicationCache(const nsCString &groupID,
>+                                            const nsCString &clientID)

Note that we don't need an AutoEventEnqueuer in this method: since we don't call into client code that might spin the event loop, we're guaranteed that regular IPDL queuing will handle serialization.

>-HttpChannelChild::RecvAssociateApplicationCache(const nsCString &groupID,
>-                                                const nsCString &clientID)

Thanks for moving this--don't know how it got stuck here in between OnStartReqEvent and RecvOnStartRequest.
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Attached patch v2: minor fixupsSplinter Review
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Thanks for the patch!  I've checked it into the "inbound" tree at Mozilla--if there are no errors detected by the test system, it will land in mozilla-central and make it into releases as of version 9.
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla9
Crap, sorry for all the formatting problems, my .vimrc settings aren't quite compatible with Mozilla's. Is there someplace I can grab a Mozilla approved .vimrc file? Or if such a place doesn't exist, where can I create one?
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Han: Mozilla files generally have a modeline at the top (sometimes they only have an emacs one: we sadly have more emacs users than vi-ones).

The file you modified has a modeline already:

   /* vim: set sw=2 ts=8 et tw=80 : */

Somehow you must have overridden 'et' (expandtabs).

Not a big deal!
Oh, that's super cool! Will read up more on modelines, should make things a lot easier. Thanks for the pointer!
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