Firefox 6: Need feature description of ScratchPad to add to Features/Cutting Edge Section



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6 years ago
A new feature landing in Fx 6 is Scratch Pad and we need a description for the Cutting Edge Section of the Desktop Features Page. 

Basic description is this: "A new developer tool that allows devs to quickly build and test JavaScript snippets in the browser."

Or, according to

"The basic idea behind creating a Workspace is that the Workspace gives you a convenient mechanism for running and rerunning snippets of code. If you're writing a new function, for example, you can keep redefining that function until you have one that works correctly. Then, you can just copy and paste it into your editor to become a part of your application.

Another example use would be to have a collection of utility functions that you use in debugging your application. Those functions aren't really a part of the application, and you don't want to deliver them to your users. You can keep them in a file that you load into the workspace whenever you're working on that particular app.

2. Users & use cases

Handy snippets: When working on an application, it's not uncommon to have a collection of common bits of code that you run against the page to test things. The Workspaces feature lets you load and save JavaScript files, which is a convenient way to keep track of these snippets.

Working on new code: You can use Scratch Pad to work on a new function. Write a little code, execute it and repeat. Once it works, you can copy/paste that code into your main program files.
Basic Use Cases

    Run JavaScript against your web content
    Run JavaScript against your chrome content
    Develop a new feature of your already online webapp without having to close it down for maintenance.
    Test a fix for your addon without having to repackage and re-install it.
    Inspect the outcome of a code snippet without having to actually run it against the page.
    Better comment your code using Display, without running the code against your content. 

I think this basically can be summarized to say that Scratch Pad is a new, built in developer tool that lets developers save valuable time and key strokes when building and testing snippets of JS code.  

Kevin, do you agree?


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6 years ago
Need this for end of week, if possible.

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6 years ago
Yes, your summary of "Scratch Pad is a new, built in developer tool that lets developers save valuable time and key strokes when building and testing snippets of JS code." seems on target.

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6 years ago
How's this?

One of our new, built-in developer tools, Scracthpad lets you build and test snippets of JavaScript code right in the browser, saving you time and precious keystrokes.

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6 years ago
This looks good--any comments Kevin?

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6 years ago
Yes, that's fine. Scratchpad is one of those tools that will really benefit from a video, but I think we'll want to do that after we get a few more features added.

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6 years ago
Thanks Kevin, Matej. 

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