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Text outside of p, div, li, pre, hx or td's are not selectable it seems


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Certain text doesn't seem to be selectable, when they are not in a p, div, li, pre, hx or td, it seems, according to the patch from bug 661388.

+        } else if (elem instanceof Ci.nsIDOMHTMLParagraphElement ||
+                   elem instanceof Ci.nsIDOMHTMLDivElement ||
+                   elem instanceof Ci.nsIDOMHTMLLIElement ||
+                   elem instanceof Ci.nsIDOMHTMLPreElement ||
+                   elem instanceof Ci.nsIDOMHTMLHeadingElement ||
+                   elem instanceof Ci.nsIDOMHTMLTableCellElement) {

This seems rather harsh. Why should text outside of these elements not be selectable?
You are correct. Initially I did not want to start selection in buttons captions and other obviously wrong places. We should be able to make this logic better, hopefully without adding more checks.
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Keywords: 64bit
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I tested locally what happens when removing those checks.

The selection handles still aren't invoked when long-tapping on a button. In captions, the selection handles are invoked, but I don't see why that should be disallowed.
When the caption is inside a div, then the selection handles are still invoked, even with these checks.

So I don't what the use of these checks are.
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Mass resolving XUL Fennec I filed to WORKSFORME. If someone still cares about this bug, please reopen.
Closed: 7 years ago
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