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I believe valgrind now has an API for reporting JIT code regions. This would remove the need for --smc-check=all.
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Inform valgrind of mjitted code release/update

I'm not sure if this handles the regex JIT, and it definitely does not handle the trace JIT, so --smc-check=all-non-file (if available) or --smc-check=all is still required.

This patch hooks into the generic js::Probes::JITWatcher interface, which is total overkill for this purpose. I did it that way because I plan to add another client request to register function names with JITted code regions, but it turns out it hasn't been implemented in valgrind yet. See
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Inform valgrind of mjitted code release/update

Rebased to use Probes::startEngine instead of Probes::createRuntime since vg is looking at the whole process's address space
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