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TPS virtualenv should be self-contained environment


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TPS in the core rocks and the setup script worked for me out of the box. I have some suggestions for a more developer-friendly setup, though:

a) It would be great if the install script picked a default location so that developers don't have to choose one. We could put it in the obj dir perhaps?

b) It would be great if the 'runtps' script were by default wired to execute the Firefox binary built locally. I know this is a bit tricky. Perhaps in (a) you specify your obj dir and then TPS install itself to that obj dir and also wires itself to that build.

c) It would be great if the 'config.json' file were copied to the 'virtualenv' and 'runtps' were hardwired to use that particular config, no matter which CWD its called from. Otherwise developers either all run TPS against the same account, or inevitably end up including changes to that file in one of their patches or commits. Neither is very desirable.
Thanks philikon for the suggestions.  I have something in mind to fix c).  

For a) and b), I wonder if you want something like --enable-tps in mozconfig, which would cause the make process to install TPS and setup the correct pointers to the local build, etc?  It seems kind of strange to write to the obj dir independently of make.

If I did that, I could also introduce a 'make tps' command which would activate the TPS virtualenv in the obj dir, execute it, and deactivate it, which is similar to how 'make mozmill' works currently.
Those seem like fine solutions to me, if the build people are ok with adding another build flag.
You can review this or not, at your preference.  This moves config.json into the virtualenv, and makes a few other changes that allow the runtps command to be invoked from anywhere.
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move config.json inside virtualenv

w00t! ship it.
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