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Close window option, though missing from file menu, is seen by extensions as not missing


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Steps to reproduce:

Tried to use an extension (Menu Editor) that supposedly lets me enable and disable entries in the File menu.

Actual results:

The extension treats the close window option as though it is present and lets me enable and disable it, even though it's not really fully enabled.

Expected results:

Firefox should not falsely tell extensions that an option is enabled when it is not, and then allow the extension to "enable" and "disable" the option when the option is not really being enabled and disabled.

Ideally, since options can be in three states (enabled, enabled only when using the keyboard, and disabled), Firefox should be able to report any of those three states to the extension, and allow the extension to set them.  Forcibly removing an option from the menu and not allowing extensions to put it back is a bad idea.
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Close window option is present in the File menu when this menu is displayed using ALT+F shortcut.

This entry is enabled, but it is not displayed when the menu is opened using the mouse.
So the extension is actually right, the option is available, but not always visible?
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To me, and probably to most users, an option that is not visible is not "available".  If it is visible only under some circumstances (such as using a keyboard shortcut), in contrast to other options which appear on the same menu even without those circumstances, then it's "partly available".

Options which are partly available are not the same as options which are fully available.  If this means reporting three states to extensions (available, not available, and partly available) to extensions, then it should.  Telling the user that two options are equally "available", when he brings up a menu that shows only one, is stupid.
Yes, that sounds as a good enhancement. Can you confirm that Firefox is not already sending these states? Are you sure it is not the extension just showing the state wrongly (having only 2 states because the developer forgot the third one)?
i think this are just the limitation of the add-on. The Close window option is available, but only when using Alt+F. An extra category for the add-on would solve the problem.
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