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I have 4 patches applied to my local repository. I pushed to try, but only the 2 most recently applied patches were applied to the try build.

I had previously run the older 2 patches on try with no problem. After the last successful try build, I unapplied the 2 oldest patches, pulled and updated my repo, and then reapplied the 2 older patches and added the 2 recent patches to the updated tree (ie: the tip of the tree did change), totaling to 4 applied patches. After applying them, I pushed to try, but only those 2 new patches were applied to the try build.
Looks like you want a place, not the Thunderbird try server.
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7 years ago
What revision was this?
Did you get any error messages?
Are you able to push to a user repo successfully with all 4 patches?
This was revision 9257d0f1f408, and I received no error messages when I submitted to try. I got test failures, and when I looked at the diffs for the imported patches, some of my changes did not show up.  I'm doing a massive change, so test failures are expected, so perhaps the patch was actually successfully applied, but the UI didn't get updated with all the changes. It is hard to tell if the failures are due to the change, or if they are due to the possibility if missing patches.

I have not yet tried to push the 4 patches. I combined my patches into 2 separate ones and ran that successfully.
Ah, I see. I followed the parent changesets of my build and I saw that it *did* in fact push the patches, but it did not show up in the Try server's main UI where it shows which patches are applied. This isn't terribly obvious for the user though.
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