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Steps to reproduce:

It didn't automatically select the email account the message had been sent to to reply from.

Only by selecting the account did it insert the originating email address as the address to be replied to.

The subject and main body content areas were then frozen, and I was unable to click into either.

The contents of the senders email took several minutes to render, and then sometimes only partially.

Actual results:

After an interval of about 5 minutes the subject and body content areas did render and become editable - but only after the beachball of death had done some spinning.

Expected results:

I would expect the email to automatically use the email account the message was sent to to be selected for the 'from' field, and the originators address to appear immediately in the to field. I would expect to be able to type my reply immediately.

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7 years ago
Note, that these errors do not occur when I write a new message. Only when replying to a received message.

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7 years ago
Ross, does this also happen in safe mode?
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7 years ago
Ross hasn't replied. Please don't file bugs if you are not going to stay engaged.

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7 years ago
Some people have other things to do mate...

This is the continuing issue as experienced by me. 

I can only write one, or reply to one email each time I open Thunderbird. Any subsequent replying/writing results in the new mail appearing but without any data being carried over into the From, Subject, To or main text areas. These totally freeze. 

This problem has continued even though I have installed each successive update of Thunderbird.

I am using a mac running OX10.4 (the last but one, not Lion, Leopard is it?). 

I'd be surprised if no one else is experiencing this problem...
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Comment 5

7 years ago

does this also happen in safe mode?

If that doesn't help, have you tried reinstalling from ?


7 years ago
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