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tabs got stuck mid-drag, tabstrip now inoperable


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I was inadvertently dragging a tab (I think I really clicked and then released and then moved, but that's probably another bug) when they got stuck mid-drag.  I clicked around a bit and then opened a new tab to file the bug; the tabstrip froze, becoming insensitive to my increasingly-frantic clicking.

Opening a new tab with cmd-T works, and moves some of the tabs around a little (including overlapping).  I am able to drag the browser window around by using the tabstrip, as those it were part of the titlebar.
Why didn't I include the URL to the screenshot? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.
Blocks: 455694
This problem was present in (nightly) builds from a week or so ago, but it has been fixed since then. If your build is out-of-date, could you update your build and let me know if it ever happens again?
This still occurs on Nightly 8.01a1 (2011-08-12).
(My build was 08-03 when I filed.)
(In reply to aeidein from comment #3)
> This still occurs on Nightly 8.01a1 (2011-08-12).

resolved in the latest nightly.
Shaver, is this an issue on aurora? It says it is fixed on the latest nightly on the 16th, which was the source migration is unclear if it made the uplift or not
Switching to the drag & drop API should prevent tabs from getting stuck mid-drag, so this bug will definitely disappear. Hopefully other bugs will not appear in its place.
Depends on: 674925
Closed: 11 years ago
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