"Unknown timezone" message for events created on Cyrillic versions of Windows



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Steps to reproduce:

I use Thunderbird 5.0 with Lightning 1.0b5 on openSUSE 11.4 for x86_64 to connect to a Microsoft BPOS server via IMAP. My LInux box is configured to use United Kingdom locale. When other people (from UK or USA or Ukraine) in my company create a new meeting request via Outlook, it appears in the inbox as an event invitation, and I can usually add it to my calendar without any issues.

Actual results:

Recently, some people in the Kiev, Ukraine office started using Outlook on a Cyrillic version of Windows (CP 1251). Whenever they create a new meeting request, TB and/or Lightning throw up numerous  "Error: Unknown timezone "(GMT+02:00) Вильнюс, Киев, Рига, София, ��аллин, Хельсинки" in "FW: Sprint Retrospective".  Treated as 'floating' local timezone instead: Wed 6 Jul 2011 11:45" messages. The event gets added to the calendar, yet the time is off by 2 hours - the timezone is not taken into account. See attachment for the sample ics file.

Expected results:

No "Unknown timezone" messages, and event added to calendar has the right time.
It seems the server is not passing a timezone definition for this timezone, which it must, I'd say this is an error in the server/client that created this invitation.

Comment 2

8 years ago
Is there really not enough information in the ics file for the event to be processed correctly? It does say "GMT + 2.00", does it not? I am not so bothered by the "unknown timezone" messages, it is the fact that the time of the event is off by two hours (and Lightning's inability to edit the subsequent event in the local calendar) that is the real inconvenience.
There are a bunch of different timezones in the GMT+2 zone. Its part of the calendar format specification that a VTIMEZONE component must be included that describes any referenced timezones. It seems Microsoft is not sending these.
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