Google Groups stopped updating from all NNTP servers on August 1


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(Reporter: Kathleen Wilson, Assigned: gerv)





7 years ago
I have received several notices that messages posted in are not getting propagated to Google Groups. I have also verified this to be the case.

Here is the posting from David Ross:
It appears that Google Groups stopped updating from all NNTP servers on
1 August 2011.  This was noted by a member of the Big8 Management Board
regarding discussions on Usenet servers in the news.groups.proposals
newsgroup.  He communicated this via E-mail to the other members of the
Big8 Management Board (which includes me).  I then started checking
various newsgroups, both Usenet and and confirmed that
there are no Google Groups messages after 1 August.


NOTE:  Kathleen's message posted 2 August in this newsgroup does NOT appear in Google Groups
as of today, 7 August 2011.  No messages from the unmoderated dated in the past 6 days appears in Google
Groups despite the fact that Google's description of Google Groups
claims that messages for unmoderated newsgroups should appear within

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7 years ago
justdave reported in bug 598060 comment 117 that he has now a direct contact with the Google Groups unit, so he should be able to contact them to check what is happening.
This is pretty serious. justdave: can you talk to your contacts and see what's going on?

Severity: normal → critical

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7 years ago
It has apparently been resolved yesterday, for all concerned groups, I can now see on Kathleen's message from yesterday about delaying the SHECA discussion 

(this was not impacting only mozilla.*, I've seen some other newsgroups that also had the problem, so it was a general Google Groups issue that was resolved globally yesterday)

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7 years ago
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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