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Implement CSS3 text-overflow: <left> <right>


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect)

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(Reporter: MatsPalmgren_bugz, Assigned: MatsPalmgren_bugz)




(Keywords: css3, dev-doc-complete, Whiteboard: [css3-ui][inbound])


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Our proposed two-value syntax "text-overflow: <left> <right>" has now
been added to the spec (at risk).  This bug is for resurrecting the
patches from bug 312156 to implement it.
David, I think you have already reviewed this once in bug 312156.
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Attached patch part 2, layoutSplinter Review
IIRC, this was already reviewed in bug 312156 too, before we took it out.
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Attached patch part 3, testsSplinter Review
Reftests testing separate left/right values.
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Keywords: dev-doc-needed
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part 1, style system

>Bug 677582 - Implement CSS3 text-overflow: <left> <right>.  r=dbaron

Don't use the same commit message for multiple patches.  Including " in 
the style system" before the end of the sentence would suffice in this


>+  // text-overflow: enum, string, pair(enum|string), inherit, initial

It's misleading to list enum, string twice, since they can only be in a

r=dbaron with that
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Depends on: 681489
Mats, if I understand things right, spec and implementation will change very soon?
I removed "dev-doc-needed" keyword to avoid wrong documentation. Please re-add here when you reopen this or add it to the new bug.
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
For MDN docs:
Bug 684266 changed behaviour and will likely land on Mozilla 9.
The relevant and implemented spec is in URL field.
Depends on: 684266
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
I've updated .
It would be nice if somebody can do a technical review of it wrt this bug and bug 684266.

Then I'll update Firefox 9 for developers. (and Fx10 for bug 684266)
I've gone ahead and added it to Firefox 9 for developers; more likely to get a review this way. Also added NeedsTechnicalReview to the page.
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