Firefox crashes in different ways with multiple threads and OOM




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7 years ago
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needed files for reproduce and gdb-logs

Seems like out of memory is handled bad when lots of threads are created. Most crashes seem to be null pointer references, but the crashes near allocator might also suggest a corruption. Attachment includes the reproducing files and GDB backtraces for 5 different crashes.


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7 years ago
Still crashing on this? I don't have any 32-bit machines to test on anymore.

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5 years ago
We've made some progress on out-of-memory (OOM) handling since this was filed:

* We stopped trying to recover from OOM during string manipulation (bug 737164), but many other dependencies of bug 427099 remain unfixed.

* Christian Holler (decoder) did some fuzzing with artificial OOM (bug 687256).
Summary: Firefox crashes in different ways(abort/segfault) with multiple threads. → Firefox crashes in different ways with multiple threads and OOM

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5 years ago
James, can you test and reproduce?
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5 years ago
FF 23b on Mac 10.8.4. Testcase is chowing on my CPU (over 100% of a core) and RAM (1.6 GB active and rising) but 20 minutes later it isn't crashing.
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5 years ago
I have never seen out of memory with Firefox, but I have 32GB. However, the latest Firefox (and previous ones) keep increasing the memory used to over 3 GB, and everything slows to a halt. This has become so annoying that I have switched to Opera Next as my primary browser.
I suspect that this is doe to pages that refresh, and that somehow FF is not throwing away old images and text. I keep radar images and as always up pages. They refresh themselves. Opera Next with the same set of pages up uses about 354 MB of memory.

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5 years ago
I'm not sure what I am supposed to see. I opened automagic.html, and indeed a get6 1 CPU pegged at 100%. I just see "This too" and 2 images. The real memory used stays at 560 MB thus far.
But I see very different behavior in Opera Next. Something keeps reloading the page, the memory grows, and it crashes!
So I am not sure that this file loads properly in Firefox.

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5 years ago
So, Opera uses about 95% CPU. Safari handles the file properly. Keeps redrawing the two images and then a "This Too" screen, and uses just 8% CPU.

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5 years ago
I am not sure that Firefox even displays the file properly. The "preschool" in the tab flashes for a while, and memory grows. Then this behavior stops. FF has 36 threads and the memory growth and CPU has stopped. But Safari alternates the two images with the "This Too" text screen. And yes, FF is no longer using 100% CPU. Weird.

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4 years ago
WFM per comment 5
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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