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On explain how to import the calendar


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Steps to reproduce:

On a Google Calendar is displayed. It should be explained below the calendar, how to import this into Lightning or Outlook, so that less tech-savvy people can follow the dates.

Expected results:

Basically it would have been enough to name the calendar ID ( and link to Google's FAQ, . However, they explain it only for calendar owners, are not fully localized, and especially the sync option for Lightning is missing: . One or two sentences should, however, be enough here just to get people started:

Um diesen Kalender in Thunderbird+Lightning zu importieren, klicken Sie auf Datei > Neu > Kalender, wählen Sie "aus dem Netzwerk", dann "iCal" und geben Sie folgenden Ort an: "".

If someone else has access to Outlook, he could verify, if these steps are correct, and formulate a corresponding sentence:
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Ohai Kadir, can you take a look?
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Kadir: Can we add a link to the ICS file on I would suggest to add the following below the calendar widget:
"Link zur ICS-Kalenderdatei:"

Possible we can/should also add the content from to the page (via a link to a sub-page), this page describes how to import a ICS file into Lightning. I'm not 100% sure if we need such a manual, but would be nice to have.
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Looks like it might still be an issue, but I'm not the owner of this.
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