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8 years ago
You'll need to check out part of the mozilla.org repository, where the new Thunderbird site is being stored. All localizers have been granted access. You can:

svn co https://svn.mozilla.org/projects/mozilla.org/branches/staging/thunderbird/

Please translate the file in the mozilla.org svn repository for Thunderbird 5 in-product pages, that is:


There aren't that many changes from the 5.0 files, so if you want to copy paste the majority of the content and just change what is different, that's fine.

The pages on the staging server are:

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8 years ago
What's the meaning of the following string?
    $release_fullname = 'Thunderbird 5.0';

I hope you don't mind if I'll update it in the meantime.
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8 years ago
Committed revision 93711 with the same additional items made on the previous release (bug 665157 comment 3 and up). 

Few suggestions: 
* Since every RTL locale page would have to add dir=rtl to the body section, it'd make sense if it'd be dir=ltr by default of manually added dir=rtl to RTL pages before we get requested to translate. 
* For some locales, including our, Tb doesn't ship with spell checking dictionary at all. I'd suggest to recommend the users of these locales to install a spell checker in their language, or to put the recommendation to all locales as even en-us speakers might be interested in other dictionaries (such as in Dutch, French and Spanish, for example).
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8 years ago
Thanks, sorry for the delay on closing this. Content has been up on the site for a while, though!
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