Leaking heap-unclassified memory when looping in <video> mochitests




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about:memory logs with timestamps

We're leaking heap-unclassified memory when looping in the media mochitests.

1. Edit content/media/manifest.js; set PARALLEL_TESTS to some high number (I used 20). Set DEBUG_TEST_LOOP_FOREVER to true.
2. Run the content/media/test/test_seek.html mochitest. It will loop until it fails (hopefully it won't fail!), running PARALLEL_TESTS test cases concurrently. To make the bug show up quicker, you might want to open the mochitest in multiple tabs.
3. In the mochitest browser, open about:memory, and make a note of the "heap-unclassified" value.
4. Wait a while (10 minutes or more).
5. Look at the "heap-unclassified" value. It's grown, and the other classifications haven't significantly.

I can repro this on my Linux x64 machine (fc14) and on my Windows 7 laptop. I left my Linux box running over night and `top` reported 5GB memory use (sorry, forgot to record which measure of memory use that was).

Attached is 3 samples of about:memory with timestamps showing the memory growth.

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7 years ago
Matthew Gregan pointed out that if you close the tests' tabs memory use drops back to normal low/idle levels.
Related to Bug 676007?
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