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Color link bug on portal


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Steps to reproduce:

There is a very old bug on Firefox (almost since version 3.0) that sometimes happen with the website repository

In short in a "random way" Firefox once loaded the page will show all links as blue instead of the the standard red color.

If i reload the page with F5 (or load the same page into the another tab) all colors on links turn back to normal (red)

Please take a look on the grab attached :-)

As i say this is an old bug but i have the same problem also with Firefox 6.0 Beta

My computer is a PC with Windows XP
Cannot reproduce. Please test in safe mode.
Yes i know it's not so easy to reproduce as it's happen a bit rarely (but it happen for sure!)

For this reason I don't know how to do a real test-case explaining exactly in what condition it is possible to reproduce the bug 

I will test in safemode aniway.

Thanks for support :-)
Reporter, did you have the chance to test in safe mode? Do you have any updates?

Thank you!
Sorry for the huge delay, i losted my bugzilla's password ! :-)

Aniway today after a lot of Aminet's site visiting (without any issue at all) i got again the same "blue link" bug so as you suggest i try to reload Firefox in "safe mode" but Aminet's page was reloading normally so problem disapper magically, however i'm sure problem will disapper also reloading Firefox in "normal" mode ..

I don't have any additional component installed, as plugin i have only Shockwave Flash 11.2, Java 6 and Windows Media Player plugin, all of them are not used at all on this Aminet page so i don't think that problem is plugin's related

Right now i'm using Firefox 12.0 on Windows XP Service Pack 1
Severity: normal → S3
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