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Add bugzilla email text on profile


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Requested change:
Please add a text field which displays the user's bugzilla email address underneath their existing email accounts.

The current design of phonebook allows a user to enter their bugzilla email address. This data is then displayed as a clickable link underneath the user's profile. For example, see Jeremy Orem's profile

The forgot password policy allows a user to request a new password through a bugzilla bug. However, if the user's bugzilla account is not the same as their mozilla ldap account, desktop support is required to verify that the bugzilla email address matches the user's phonebook/ldap entry.  This change is requested to make this verification as simple as possible by making the bugzilla email address visible on the phonebook page.
Michael Kelly, do you have time to look at this? If not, I can take a stab. Let me know!
Quick change that moves the bugmail link from below the profile image to a line below the list of emails.

Note that I had issues connecting to ldap running this locally and I don't know anything about the app, so it's untested. It's a tiny change, though, so depending on what Fred thinks it might not be an issue. Display-wise it looks correct (tested that with Firebug :))
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Assignee: nobody → mkelly
Group: websites-security
Component: → Phonebook
Product: Websites → Webtools
QA Contact: planet-firefox-com-mobile → phonebook
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Patch to move bugmail from below portrait to displayed field.

I love how this is your "first patch" according to bugzilla :)

Works like a charm! I'll land it. Thanks!
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Committed to r93898. Woot
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This was backed out yesterday in cset 
Shouldnt' this be re-opened ?  or was the wrong bug number referenced in the backout ?
(In reply to Jim Jeffery not reading bug-mail 1/2/11 from comment #6)
> This was backed out yesterday in cset
> Shouldnt' this be re-opened ?  or was the wrong bug number referenced in the
> backout ?

Definitely the wrong bug #.
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