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Additional open meta-data system



7 years ago
7 years ago


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7 years ago
Enable us to add additional fields like:
 - IM's
 - languages spoken
 - in Mozilla since
 - t-shirt sizes
 - hobbies
Gandalf, I like the enthusiasm for the extra fields. But it's kinda hard to determine the relation to the ones you mentioned. Can you break these up into separate bugs?
Also, offer use cases why they're important and what you would be able to do with them. It goes a long way in prioritizing in the future and determining the right solution to whatever problem you have with the directory app.
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7 years ago
My idea is not about adding a specific field to the card, it's more about a meta-system that would allow for adding such fields.

Something like (in a model way of thinking):

  id = IdField
  name = TextField
  phone = TextField

  key = IdField

  person = ForeignKey(Person)
  item = ForeignKey(DataItem)
  value = TextValue

This would allow us later to add new fields as we need them.

Does it make sense?

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7 years ago
UX Feedback:
What would the data entry screen look like? meta-data fields sounds confusing. What problem does meta-data solve?

Technical Feedback:
The original design work by gerv and continued with 1.0 is that all data will be stored in LDAP so it's visibility can be controlled by the user.

Our LDAP schema has a generic table mechanism that powers the SystemIDs feature. This sounds like what your proposing for a relational database.

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7 years ago
UX: probably initially a list of key-value pairs in a table form.

Tech: Maybe, I don't know. I know that I'd like to avoid us having a pre-defined list of fields about the user that will later be hard to extend. From my experience adding fields to LDAP have never been easy, while I think that once we get enough people on Mozillians we'll start seeing a lot of ideas on what we could collect that could help us cooperate better.
Ideas for fields like the ones above may or may not make sense later but I can imagine us coming to you guys and saying that we'd like to list languages spoken by our contributors. How hard will it be to add it post release? :)
> How hard will it be to add it post release? :)

File a bug: offer an explanation on what problem it'll help solve or help make your work-life easier and then we'll triage as necessary!

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7 years ago
then we can close this as wont-fix if you prefer that way. :)
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