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Screen turning grey/gray- applies to dropdowns, full screen, download window, etc


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6 Branch
Windows XP





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Build ID: 20110811165603

Steps to reproduce:

//Also happens on Version 5 branch on this PC//

Normal usage of Firefox.

THIS IS NOT DUE TO PLUGINS, EXTENSIONS, OR MODIFICATIONS. THIS BUG PRESENTS ITSELF ON A FRESH INSTALL. Assuming it's not an issue with this PC specifically, it seems to exist in a "out of the box" Firefox code.

When I say "fresh install", this is including checking the wipe personal data box when uninstalling Firefox, then wiping all further data with Revo Uninstaller (registry and files), and installing from

Windows+D ("Show Desktop") pressed twice (refreshing the screen I guess?) fixes the issue, except for with the Download window (see below).

Actual results:

//Also happens on Version 5 branch on this PC//

Going to a dropdown (File/Edit/View) sometimes makes part of that menu become grey/gray.

Other times the whole window will become grey/gray.

The Download window sometimes becomes a pinkish-orangish color.

When Ctrl+Tabing through tabs, the graphics of all tab previews will totally scramble

Expected results:

//Also happens on Version 5 branch on this PC//

Normal functionality. These are all extremely basic functions of all versions of Firefox, and on a fresh install.
Firefox is not letting me put any attachments on this bug, both in normal mode and safe mode./

Is your Issue reproducible in Safe-Mode where certain Functions of Firefox besides of Extensions are disabled?
Safe Mode fixes it, interestingly if I check all the boxes on the safe mode prompt window, and say Apply And Restart, the issue persists.
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Attached image screenshot
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Severity: normal → S3
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