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Some mouse and DOM Inspector selections end in the middle of paragraph


(Firefox :: General, defect)






(Reporter: kdevel, Unassigned)


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open


2. Click and hold in the space between two paragraphs.
3. Move mouse upwards then downwards while holding the left button.
4. Observe selection

DOM Inspector:

5. Enable DOM Inspector (ctrl-i).
6. Move mouse slowly thru the text in vertical direction. Observe selection.

Actual results:

4. Normal case: Distinct paragraphs are selected. Sometimes: the selection has common paragraphs (starting at "PRESS RELEASE").

5. Observation 1: Between the third and the fourth paragraph (fourth = "Our current call is only the …") a selection is shown which starts above "PRESS RELEASE" and ends after "performed at one go for a" (second line in fourth paragraph).

After resizing the browser window:

Observation 2: Between second and third paragraph the selection is ending at the end of the second line of the third paragraph.

Expected results:

- DOM Inspector select only whole elements.
- The mouse selections contain only distinct elements if the direction of the mouse movement is inverted while the mouse key is being pressed.
At you'll find two commented screencasts.
Severity: normal → S3
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