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7 years ago
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(Reporter: rpearl, Assigned: hlangi)




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7 years ago
I was given level 3 commit access on my account rpearl@mozilla.com (Bug 672693)  but now that my internship has ended, I have lost my commit access.

Can I please transfer that to the email address rpearl@endofunctor.org?

SSH key is on file, but attached for completeness.

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7 years ago
Creating an attachment appears to be broken at the moment; pubkey is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAvj+L74UqiSI7eYJ2TDUNAzdo1XEbSTZ6/pDvTpzwGSne4yrqJz8WjDiPhVxiKWLU9wLq61QvjJTPszijfTSSramzx1vzrxzRevr/31wRcOuoQPWpl7J/CgwpM3lXomcA7W863e5dKe0xrEOZLSQE1iwyD97eRyefyJJM5kVvTvOLytuvgpt6f3WWln+D6sK91Nwr2XPuLaJNHgt05M+fFFAsAoF2VEedk7uHfvc7Ml5WyAoXdA9WBn7VJdjLryvFOTmUCTsLTb9ThBh6QbuFtVVSzB7f2MRHopaMUOYOhmj7cMX8haFANx4Pe9VxF7L+8TR2dhMMAwNJsC0WnRq3yw== rpearl@endofunctor.org

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7 years ago
I used to have editbugs as well, or something? I was able to change the status of bugs I didn't file and assign them to myself, for example. If it's possible for me to be able to do that again, it'd be very useful.
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Summary: Commit Access on non-corp account → Migrate commit access to non-corp account
Can you try to reattach your public key to the bug?  If that fails, feel free to email me your public key, and I will update your LDAP account
Jabba, would you happen to know how to move his o=com account to o=net?
Your account should now be : rpearl@endofunctor.org

I've also reset your password, which was sent to the new account.  Feel free to update the bug with your new SSH key and we should be set.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 555715 [details]
ssh pubkey

Pubkey attached
Ah, I didn't realize that the pubkey you provided was already what had existed in our system.  Let us know if you have any issues with your new account


7 years ago
Assignee: desktop-support → hlangi

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7 years ago
Closing this out. Ryan, reopen if there any issues.
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