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From attachment context menu, first left-click on another attachment does not select / focus it


(Thunderbird :: Message Reader UI, defect)

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Nit, followup of bug 630759:

1) from message reader attachment pane, right-click on attachment_1 to get context menu (do not close it)
2) left-click on attachment_2

Actual result
- context menu closes (ok)
- attachment_2 is neither selected nor focused (wrong, try the same in OS file manager to see the difference - in my case, windows explorer on win7)
- need to left-click again (2nd time) to select & focus attachment 2 [details] [diff] [review] (clumsy)

Expected result
- attachment_2 should be selected and focused with the first left-click (as with a normal left-click, regardless of the context menu)
This might be inconsistent with Windows Explorer, but it's consistent with the rest of Thunderbird (e.g. the folder pane and thread pane).
Component: Mail Window Front End → Message Reader UI
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