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Cant move text cursor on non-text in <textarea>


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Steps to reproduce:

Lets say there is a textarea with Text in it.
like this:
I can move the text cursor inside text, but sometimes i cant move the cursor where the text ends. For example if i awnt to get the text cursor at the end of the line, i click in vain, and the text cursor remains in the text.
Also, i cant highlight text if i click on empty space. I can highlight only if i start with text.

The Problem only accours sometimes. its not meat always.
Bug is from FF4 and 5, and still in six
Does the issue still occur if you start Firefox in Safe Mode?

How about with a new, empty profile?
The issue is gone if i reload the page, i think. It only occurs sometimes.
Its not always taking effect. Its a Core problem and not a Profile issue.
It shows up rarely. And i just meet it on my hosting control panel, when editing my site files.
Attached file testcase
What's your OS?
Win XP SP2

The Bug only apears rarely. I think i meat it 3 times, between months....
That's impossible to reproduce, of course. 
We had some fixed bugs with textarea and cursor in the past, eg:

Some of them aren't fixed in Fx6, but in version 7 or 8
Summary: Cant move text cursor on non-text → Cant move text cursor on non-text in <textarea>
I know its kinda impossible to reproduce. But i said to make you aware of it. 
If i see it happening again, can i do anything about it? 
Like give you some settings that are being used, or make a video so u may see how it reacts, or the source page?
What usually is needed is
UserAgent string (copy if from Help -> Troubleshooting Information)
URL of the concerned web page
You should also follow comment 1, but that's probably impractical.
No need for a video, describe what yo do and see.
I cannot provide a url for the fallowing page as it is a page of my webcontrol panel. Told you that :P

Mate, that bug only comes like one time in a month or more, when in use this profile. Its obvious a browser issue.

I told what i saw and you seem to have understood it, nice. though you may wanted a video to see it in action :)
OS: Other → Windows XP
OS: Windows XP → Windows 7
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