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7 years ago
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7 years ago
A lot of people are not upgrading because add-ons are breaking. Now I realise this is a common problem across many applications, but chrome does so with out issue. Obviously the biggest issue with the rapid release is the change in numbers, which causes a lot of add-ons to break.

What I think should be done, and anyone could have other ideas, is that somehow we get rid of the version numbers in add-ons, since chrome does not force a version number on any of it's extensions.

Now, I do realise that extensions are not the same as add-ons, but form the rapid updates, I haven't seen much mention of the change in the add-on system. It might be wise to give add-ons their own version number, maybe relating to gecko and giving a simple guide of what the numbers realate to version numbers, or, since the plan of getting rid of version numbers, what build channel it supports.

Something has to be done. This seems like such a petty thing to lose Firefox users over.

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7 years ago
IMO this is more of an enhancement than a bug.
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