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Current text on localization dashboards state that articles/templates appear once they have been approved, suggest text is updated to include being marked ready for localization

1) > read description text on overview items

expected: How many of the templates which allow translations which have been approved and are ready for localization into this language  [or something similar]

actual: How many of the approved templates which allow translations have an approved translation into this language


6 years ago
Summary: Suggest localization text be updated for localization → Suggest localization text be updated for localization dashboard overview
The second 'which' is superfluous, I think. That actually applies to a couple of strings here.

The "expected" meaning isn't quite correct. It's more like "How many of the templates that are ready for localization have been translated"

Kadir, suggestions?
Assignee: nobody → a.topal
Since this is the localization dashboard I'd say it's clear from context that the bigger number is the number of English articles and the percentage+smaller number are the localized ones. However the explanation of the items should change indeed.

Templates: Templates are a way of reusing pieces of content across KB articles. You can create and update a set of instructions in one place, and then refer to it in other pages.

Knowledge Base Articles: This is the number of all Knowledge Base articles that are ready to be localized.

(miss the 'all' in front of 'KB articles')

Bonus points: Display "3 of 30 templates translated into Akaan" when hovering over the numbers and "3% of templates translated into Akaan" when hovering over the percentages/bar". And the same for top 20 articles + KB articles.
Assignee: a.topal → nobody
Target Milestone: 2011-09-06 → 2011-09-13
Component: Knowledge Base Articles → Knowledge Base Software
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Target Milestone: 2011-09-13 → 2011-09-20

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6 years ago
Can we have a new target milestone?
Pretty simple text changes.
Target Milestone: 2011-09-20 → 2011-10-18
Focusing on UX/search.
Priority: -- → P4
Whiteboard: [good first bug]
Target Milestone: 2011-10-18 → 2011Q4
Cleaning up 2011Q4
Target Milestone: 2011Q4 → ---
On prod. Thanks David!
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