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In Firefox, this option lives in [Firefox button] -> Preferences -> Preferences -> Advanced, and is called "Use hardware acceleration when available".  For l10n purposes etc. that label seems OK for fennec.  I don't particularly care though.

The initial motivation for this option is to let early adopters discover the rough edges of the GL backend before we enable it by default.  After it's enabled, there may still be some speed/quality tradeoffs that would make some users want to disable GL layers (like on desktop).

Before we enable GL by default, I think the checkbox should be behave as follows

[   ] Use hardware acceleration when available

        layers.acceleration.disabled | layers.acceleration.force-enabled
[   ] | set to true                  | (don't change)
[ X ] | set to false                 | set to true

After GL is enabled by default, the behavior will need to change slightly

        layers.acceleration.disabled | layers.acceleration.force-enabled
[   ] | set to true                  | (don't change)
[ X ] | set to false                 | (don't change)

That is, we don't want to force GL on when we would otherwise disable it because of blacklisting etc.  Not sure what we should do about early-adopter installs with force-enabled=true after GL is enabled by default ... also pretty sure I don't care.

Marked "Major" because this GL layers is just about ready for early adopters, and the easier it is to enable the more testers we'll get.  Would like to get this in soon.
We have started to put "not for typical users" type preferences in the Feedback panel and not in the main Preferences panel. Feedback panel does not ship with final release builds, only Nightly, Aurora and Beta builds.

Yeah, "Use hardware acceleration when available" might be an l10n issue for portrait mode in mobile, but we can figure something out.
Sounds perfect.  I very seriously doubt the desktop-FF checkbox is used much worth speaking of.
Hey Axel, is the text mentioned by Mark in Comment #1 localizable?
(In reply to Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) from comment #1)

I can take a look at this. Mind pointing me to the source file for that?
Is this valid anymore?  Fennec native always uses the GPU.  I'm guessing this is WONTFIX.
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