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Tracking bug for build & release of Firefox and Fennec 7.0b2


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Waiting for "go to build".
pushing to coop, during postmortem meeting as we *think* coop signed up for this yesterday.

Coop: if you're not expecting to be on the hook for this please let me know and we'll find a new owner.
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Only part I'm not sure about is the hg_repos->tag bit in configs/deb_repos/ since it looks like it wasn't updated for 7.0b1 previously.
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mozharness version bumps for 7.0b2

Good catch.

We used to use buildbot-configs to use the l10n-changesets_mobile*.json files to determine which locales to create deb repos for.

In 0.8 releases, we no longer create Maemo single locale repos, so we don't reference buildbot-configs anymore.

Clearing the repos from the deb repo configs would be the cleanest fix here, but 7.0 final will be the last Maemo 5 release, so I also don't know how much effort is wanted here.  Easy enough to do, though, if wanted.
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Just need to replace 'tbd' with the actual revisions when we get the go-to-build.
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