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Steps to repro:
1) time curl

This should be a couple hundred milliseconds.

My dev server (Apache WSGI in a virtualbox VM) is
real	0m0.011s

real	0m5.985s

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7 years ago
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Screenshot of hotshot profile

I've profiled this case and don't see anything unusual.

Note: no mysql or ldap calls.
Perhaps zeus isn't caching this VIP. Corey, can you take a look? I know these seamicros are pretty weak and slow when we don't enable caching...
Try now.

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7 years ago
Zeus - Cool!
I made 4 requests. 3 looked good (around 300 milliseconds) and 1 took 5+ seconds.


Is 5-6 seconds expected for Playdoh on the VM? Much of our app cannot be cached at the Zues layer due to privacy.

What are the WSGI settings? (processes, threads, max-requests, etc).
Even a weak machine should be able to serve a page in 200ms uncached - just not a lot of concurrency, which is fine for dev.

ozten, what do you get when you curl for unzeus-cached static assets.
WSGISocketPrefix /var/run/wsgi
<IfModule prefork.c>
    StartServers      200
    MinSpareServers   10
    MaxSpareServers   50
    ServerLimit     260
    MaxClients      260
    MaxRequestsPerChild  25

don't have any WSGI-specific settings..  Open to suggestions if we should add some.

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7 years ago
(In reply to Corey Shields [:cshields] from comment #6)
I'm not familiar with this configuration. I've only seen:
WSGIDaemonProcess playdoh processes=4 threads=1 maximum-requests=1

If we have a really high number of python processes, I'm not sure how long it would take them to warm up with a low number of users on the system.

The timing for /en-US/ is in the range of the first request to `python runserver`. Subsequent calls would then drop an order of magnitude.

Another possibility is python is getting restarted after every request, which would have the same effect - cold server.

Troubleshooting the static assets first is a good strategy, adding these notes in case we end up looking at WSGI.
We have no WSGIDaemonProcess settings for mozillians..
What's the status on this?  I'm still noticing slowness.  I won't have time myself to look into good WSGI Settings.
We have been fighting a lot of fires this week, have had no time to look further, sorry.
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I get a lot of sub 200ms requests, I'm considering this fixed.

Thanks cshields and ozten.
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