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Steps to reproduce:

1.Clicked on a web site...
2.Click on news item which states "see video"...
3.Go to 'Home' page...

Actual results:

1. Web site takes 30 ~ 45 seconds to load (unacceptable!)
2. Video page stated "Video not available in your area"..OR.."An Error has occurred loading the video"..OR.."This video is no longer available"...I click on "reload page" and the video DOES ACTUALLY WORK!
3.Home page ALWAYS has a wallpaper on each side with an "X" at the right to "delete wallpaper"

Expected results:

1. Click on web site = Web Site loads in 3 seconds (not 45 seconds)..Google Chrome ALWAYS loads in 3 to 5 seconds!
2. Click on video = video loads immediately..no if's, and's or but's, no having to Reload each time I want to see a video...Fix your program!
3. Go to 'Home' page = NO WALLPAPER!!  (Don't need your useless/intrusive wallpaper)  Do NOT want to have to click "delete wallpaper" every time I go to my home page!
1.  The time it takes for a web page is depending upon many factors.  Just saying that it takes so long for a web page isn't a specific bug.

2.  You don't specify which website this happens on. Also, looks more like a bug from the website's end than the browser's end.

3.  about:home (the default homepage for Firefox) does not have this Wallpaper thing you are talking about. You have a different website as your homepage.
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Comment 2

7 years ago
Ryan, stop with the Gobbledegook and admit fault.
1.Explain this, Firefox takes 30 to 45 seconds to load EACH AND EVERY web site I go to, Google Chrome takes 3 to 5 seconds to load EACH AND EVERY web site...EVERY TIME!  The only "factors" here are your ill informed programmers ability &/or desire to fix the flaw.
2.Repeat to #1...you didn't read the information!  "EVERY WEB SITE"!
3.More gobbledegook.  Mozilla Firefox has wallpaper....Google Chrome has NO wallpaper... Internet Explorer has NO wallpaper...all using the same home page!
1.  I cannot explain why that occurs for you. For the majority of users, it is less than 5 seconds per web page.

2.  Most websites don't have news links that say "See Video".  No website I use does.  So again, which website is this happening on?

3.  And what 'home page' are you using? Because if you can access the page from those three browsers, its probably not a page that Mozilla has control over.

And since I don't actually believe there is a bug here, I'm going to direct you to http://support.mozilla.com/

Bugzilla is for bugs that can be confirmed and solved. This report contains neither.

Comment 4

7 years ago
One issue per bug report, please!
Please follow

But first, try

Comment 5

7 years ago
Created attachment 555445 [details]
"Watch Video"

Ryan Said "There is no site where it says watch video"...no wonder he doesn't know what the problem is, take off your blinders Ryan!
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Comment 6

7 years ago
elsi, this is not a forum and not a user board.

This is a bug database.
We (you, I, Ryan, and others reading this) are trying to solve technical problems based on technical data.

The bug reporter should provide that data, otherwise nothing can be done.

So please:
- don't mess around with flags
- consider comment 4
- moderate your tone, be functional and helpful


This report is incomplete, as long as you don't follow that proposals.

Comment 7

7 years ago
All communication/correspondence is hereby terminated due to aberrant behaviour and perversion of facts.
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