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8 years ago
Several users have reported issues with Firefox forcing HTC Sense to restart, potentially because the Sense process gets killed in the background while Firefox uses up too much memory:

"Everytime I open the app then press the home button htc sense will restart and give a white page with green htc logo, I have no issue with memory or with other apps, please let me know if there's a fix coz its really annoying - HTC EVO 4G, Android version is: 2.3.3"

Can we try to reproduce?
There is nothing we can do about this. The Android OS will kill any task when the OS hits a memory pressure event. It will kill programs in the background to free memory including the desktop/sense ui.
I have seen this on my Evo while running the nightly - I cannot recall exactly when it started, but it is pretty annoying.
Dupe of memshrink mobile related bugs IMO
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Memshrink is described here:
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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Fennec Beta causes my HTC Desire to restart HTC Sense. The stable version works fine.

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8 years ago
Nino, do you use beta 9.0b2?
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> Nino, do you use beta 9.0b2?

Yes, Ioana.

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8 years ago
and are you able to reproduce it?
You can found it on Android market.
I had this problem constantly on my EVO 4G (after the Gingerbread upgrade).  I never see it at all on my EVO 3D.  It's part of the reason I upgraded to the 3D.

It's HTC/Sprint's fault... the 4G doesn't really have enough RAM to run Gingerbread, and they upgraded it anyway.  You can hardly run anything on it and keep more than one or two things in the background because so much is taken up by the OS.
I still have my EVO 4G (no mobile data connection because it's deactivated, but it's just as functional as an iPod Touch with wifi :) if you need me to help test something.
There is no action we can take to alter this behavior.
Unfortunately it happens with the native build as well, as I see it happening on my Evo phone.

(In reply to Aaron Train [:aaronmt] from comment #13)
> Try out a Native Fennec build; hopefully you'll see better performance.


5 years ago
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