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6 years ago
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6 years ago
ChangeLog including issues resolved:

[QA] Suggested areas of focus for QA:
  * Verify the ability to add multiple email addresses in one dialog lifespan.
  * Check manage page functionality - ensure addresses are always in sync and date is properly formatted.
  * Ensure that new email addresses must be verified before a key can be added using sync_key.
  * Ensure that assertions generated on cannot be verified on and vice versa.
Resolved/Closed for Train 0825 (Ticket 682045):
Verified by QA:
191: manage page date format
195: manage page button only displayed if user is currently authenticated
181: manage page emails are synced on page open
199: fix new email addresses added not being synced on client
215: more than one email address can be added per dialog lifespan
verifyier no longer verifies assertions issued by another server.
203: Please use the HTML5 email input field
219: set_key slow in production with google chrome

No specfic QA testing is needed:
125: create tools for load simulation and capacity estimation.
183: beginning unit/functional tests for front end
183: front end refactor to facilitate unit/functional tests and UX iteration
184: Simplify the showing of the error dialogs.
users must now verify account ownership before attempting a key sync.
wsapi_client created for clients needing programatic access to wsapi.
harden set_key against duplicate keys.
upgrade to bcrypt 0.2.4.
206: minify include.js by default

New QA bugs:
232: New accounts: Login string and logout link are "invisible" on
233: Opera on Mac: Tabbed UI vs. pop-up results in inability to log into
234: Would be nice to have date/time stamps in BrowserID logs

QA is continuing to look at this train today, with emphasis on android phone support...
QA signs off on the 8/25 train. Will continue the phone and tablet work on the next train.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
The 8-25-2011 train was successfully deployed to Production.
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