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7 years ago
MDN Home page contains the section "Latest News & Updates"

But it is currently only in English.
Each locale leader should be able to select (or merge) their locale specific feeds.
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Target Milestone: --- → 1.2
This is a good idea, but it's a big bug. We would have to add bundles and feeds for each locale, and pull the proper bundle up to the home page. I'm cc'ing Jay to prioritize against other MDN work.
Target Milestone: 1.2 → 1.3

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7 years ago
This is something we need to consider soon... but not sure it's high enough priority with everything else going on for 1.3.

I would like to explore this for 1.4 though.   Could we just make those feed URLs gettext object like we do for some general link URLs?

Let's see if we can experiment with something for 1.4.
Target Milestone: 1.3 → 1.4
The feed url's are in the database. There are "bundle" records for 'Addons', 'Mozilla', 'Web', etc. and each bundle has a bunch of feed url's. So we'd have to make more bundles like 'Web - Spanish' with Spanish feed url's.
Target Milestone: 1.4 → ---
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I think this bug has been voided by the redesign. The only thing which is not localized are hacks blog post snippet. And this will be done when hmo will be localized (if at some point).

I'm closing this as INVALID. Please open a new bug if I missed something.
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