The new nightly skin is noticeably laggier when switching between pref tabs or scrolling.



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6 years ago
The new nightly skin is noticeably laggier when switching between pref tabs or scrolling.  Delay is long enough to be irritating.  Difference between native widgets rendering and none?  I like the overall minimalism in main interface, but not as much in settings where it seems a more native appearance goes with config.  Please allow disabling.  Perhaps even prompting if noticeable slowness is detected.  This is an Acer A500 Honeycomb tablet.  p.s. was initially feedback but hit 140 char limit...

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6 years ago
I tried disable-native-theme in about:config. No luck.
oh. filter bar and options keep getting drawn doubled in config, offset a bit.  opening tabs seems to trigger but nit required. I don't know if it is due to the new theme since I can't disable it.

Also, it'd be nice if there was an option in prefs, maybe sone advanced area, to close the app.  Useful when trying to appy a new config pref that requires restarting.  Right now I force stop the app which is probably bad...

spelling errors due totablet keybard :)
There should be a close option in the Android menu. We have the ability to switch themes (try the extension in bug 663861).

The new honeycomb theme uses some extra transparency and shadows that likely have a negative affect on performance. We may need to look at ways to optimize or remove some of those things if they are too slow.
FYI, the new tablet UI interface is not native in any way. If there is a lagginess, we'll need more details to try and find it.

I assume you are using the table UI and see the new "action bar" UI. what parts are laggy? Is the preferences panel laggy? That UI hasn't changed recently.


6 years ago
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6 years ago
Um. All I know is that I updated nightly and all areas (tabs, navigation bar, prefs area) changed from having a "native" appearance (dark background, blue glows, distinct separation of areas) to being incredibly minimalistic:
white backgrounds, thin black lines, almost nothing of the UI elements remaining.

I don't know how I feel about the overall effect, but it is since this change that nightly got really slow.

It could be that this apparent theme is actually reflecting some other problem, and that perhaps there was a nightly in between I should be trying.

If you have some builds you'd like me to check out, let me know...

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6 years ago
Installed the recommended extension.  Appears the theme I was using before was Froyo, although it looks a lot like all the other menus in this honeycomb tablet.

Anyway, Froyo and Gingerbread are fast, Honeycomb is slow.
Looks like paint issues in prefs are across all themes.
I've got two builds for testing the awesomebar performance.

This one just kills off transparency:

This one kills off the transparency, as well as removing the box shadow (and replacing it with a plain, non-transparent border:

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6 years ago
Hm. Website scrolling is maybe a bit more sluggish, but I was really noticing it in prefs, scrolling the list of addons, and switching between pref tabs.

Neither of those have anything to do w/ awesomebar, surely?

Unless it was still being drawn invisibly underneath or something. :)
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One can definitely feel this when scrolling through a large amount of text upon toggling the pref: browser.ui.layout.tablet; 0

Example site:, expand all sections and scroll. Toggle between 0 and reseting the pref to -1 to feel the difference.


6 years ago
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6 years ago
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Snorp, is this related to your fastmode stuff? If not, let me know and I'll find a front end dev to take a look.
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Yeah, this is not related to that. I think the consensus is that it is due to some usage of transparency? Lately it has seemed better to me, at least.
Assignee: snorp → nobody
Better than before, the add-ons pane under preferences is still a bit slow
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