When a user changes their email address on AMO



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7 years ago
Their receipts and watermarked addons will change and theoretically become invalid. Should we stop users who've bought something from changing their email address?

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7 years ago
Bah. Can we include their user id as the primary lookup, but still include the email in the ping?

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7 years ago
For a watermarked addon, that's no problem we can include both.

For an app reciept:


"The only supported value of type at this writing is email"
Do you need a separate (user_id, email, transaction) table?

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7 years ago
We would eventually (not too far from now) like to support unique IDs per app, so that users can use pseudonymous remailers, or throwaway accounts, for some apps, while keeping their "high value" email address for their appstore account.

I think that steers us towards option #3.
Let's do comment 3.  Ugh, is clouserw pasting IRC logs in bugzilla?  Yes he is.

09:56 <michaelhanson> We have some flexibility to set a policy, I think
09:56 <clouserw> not the worst thing, but doesn't seem very elegant
09:57 <michaelhanson> The question for me is what things look like to the app developer.  We could a) make sure the app developer always gets the same email for a user (convenient for the developer, not so convenient for the user), b) generate new receipts for the user when they change their email (and install them all, batch-mode-ish) - to the developer is looks like a new user
09:58 <michaelhanson> or c), maintain a per-app, per-user lookup table of what identity the user wants to use with that app
09:58 <michaelhanson> c) is the friendliest to the user, because it means we can support multiple personas and pseudonymous forwarding addresses, which we would like to have soonish
09:58 <clouserw> (b) is interesting, I'm not sure how we'd push those out to all their devices though
09:59 <clouserw> We can do (c), it just feels hacky at first glance
09:59 <michaelhanson> well, if you think of it as "to this app, I'd like to be known as XX" it feels a little better
10:01 <clouserw> michaelhanson: heh, that's a good way to look at it

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