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Add a gradient fade to the fennecomb header when scrolling


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The default appearance of the header should be a solid grey bar. 

When scrolling, the bottom edge should fade off and leave a soft gradient that goes from grey at the top to nothing on the bottom. 

I've attached a mock here, but if this behaviour is unclear, take a look at the GMail app, we should try to match the way they do it.
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This might be tricky because some sites put fixed content at the top of the browser (for example, the black header bar across the top of the new Twitter UI).  It seems like this won't interact well if the top of the browser is underneath the semitransparent action bar.
OS: Mac OS X → Android
Priority: -- → P3
Hardware: x86 → ARM
Version: Firefox 8 → Trunk
Matt, I agree that we wouldn't want fixed content obscured by the actionbar. 

Is there a way to offset fixed content so it sits against the bottom edge of the action bar?
So I've been thinking about this, and I don't think we should have a gradient fade at the top after all. 

While it looks nice with pages that are just text on a light background, I did some tests in photoshop and it starts to fall apart with sites that have big blocks of darker colours. Between that and possible performance issues, doens't really feel like it's worth it right now.

As you were.
Closed: 11 years ago
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