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Prevent mochitests from overwriting each other's test results


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There are some cases where a mochitest-plain test can overwrite the test results of another test, so that they don't show up in the summary at the end, and thus are not reported by TBPL.

Some of the things that can cause this:

1 - a test accidentally performing a back nav, which loads the previous test in the current test's context (see e.g. bug 680164)
2 - an asynchronous test in which an assert occurs after SimpleTest.finish() is called
3 - finish() is called before waitForExplicitFinish() (bug 682901)

It might be possible to address all these by the same mechanism; ctalbert proposed using SpecialPowers to store the test results in chrome, rather than in content as they are now.
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Assignee: mdas → nobody
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