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Switch visible Dev Derby content from admin pages


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Once bug 672238 is done, we will have the ability to change a few settings on the fly without code pushes. That will allow us to control the settings established in this file:

* DEMOS_DEVDERBY_CURRENT_CHALLENGE_TAG - a tag selecting the current challenge

* DEMOS_DEVDERBY_CHALLENGE_CHOICES - list of tags that define which checkboxes appear on the demo submission form

* DEMOS_DEVDERBY_PREVIOUS_CHALLENGE_TAGS - list of tags that define which challenges appear as previous challenges

Changing the tags defined in these settings will change the content displayed across Dev Derby and Demo Studio pages.

The content controlled by these tags is defined in TAG_DESCRIPTIONS, and it might be possible to override the copy pushed in code. But, this content would not be easily localized and would fall outside our usual dev/QA/push process. In other words, all locales would see en-US and typos/errors could appear in production that we didn't catch in staging.

The production process I've got in mind after this bug is done is:

1) Gather, push, and QA copy changes as early as possible. The copy can be displayed on staging, but stay hidden on prod.

2) Change the tags controlling content on production when the time comes to reveal the content. No push required, if it looked good on staging.
Whiteboard: u=administrator c=devderby p=1
Target Milestone: --- → 1.2
This went faster than I expected. From a first look, I thought it would need a redis server installed by IT, but it looks like django-constance should work fine with mysql+memcached (which we already have)

So, most of the time was spent getting Dev Derby content selection hooked up to django-constance config

bug 672238 and bug 683919 - Dynamic config and Dev Derby

* vendor lib update for django-waffle and django-constance
* Remove Dev Derby content selection tags from apps/demos/
* Dev Derby constance config defaults added to
* Grab current challenge, upcoming challenges, previous winner, and
  challenge choices for Dev Derby landing from constance config
* Front and center challenge on Dev Derby landing pulled from current
  challenge tag
* Grab challenge tag choices for Demo Submission form from constance
* Bugfix for pre-checked challenge tag choice on demo submission form
* Bugfix for unicode strings in tag description helpers
* parse_tags utility that preserves user input ordering
* South migration for constance
* Re-enabled ~/vagrant/log/kuma-django.log
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: 1.2 → 1.1
Blocks: 684070
This is working on stage9 now:

Changes to the tags there will change what Dev Derby content is displayed on the landing pages and demo submission form.
Blocks: 756266
Priority: -- → P3
No longer blocks: 756266
Blocks: 756266
Version: Kuma → unspecified
Component: Demos → Demo Studio / Dev Derby
No longer blocks: 756266
Product: → Graveyard
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