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IA2: Normalise text-align attribute to values documented in IA2 spec


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The IA2 Object Attributes spec:
documents that text-align can have the values: left, right, justify, center. Gecko exposes these values, but it also exposes some other values including start and -moz-center.

I assume start means either left or right depending on the text direction, but this doesn't conform to the spec and arguably isn't useful to the user. -moz-center seems to be used when the center tag is used. There may be other values, but these are the ones I have seen.

The values exposed in this attribute should be normalised to the values documented in the spec. Perhaps some changes to the spec may need to be requested as well if these values aren't sufficient.

This is needed to correctly implement reporting of text alignment for Gecko controls in NVDA.
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