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unchecked null pointer in nsMenuBarListener::KeyUp


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the bug seems to be triggered by this part of the JS in my extension

 function kick_input(node,evt) {
       var ev = node.ownerDocument.createEvent('Events');
quant being an html <input type=text>
If you're sending key events you really should be using the correct interface. The fix here is going to be to no-op the implementation so you might as well not send the event.
yeah, ive corrected the code to use var ev = node.ownerDocument.createEvent("keyboardevent"); now
but it would still be nice for firefox to not segfault the moment an API is mis-used
just image what could happen if you just put that code on the homepage of a site, instantly block all firefox users from viewing it
Can you please make such a page (html file) having this code that crashes Firefox and attach it here?
thru some testing, i found that it only occurs when the event is made from chrome code
ive attached an extension and .htm file that will reproduce the problem 100%
just install the extension and open the .htm file
Comment on attachment 558950 [details]
the main part of the testcase

oops, this was meant to be a .xpi
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I installed the extension and visited the testcase html. No crash for me, Win XP 32bit.
Attached patch Patch to fixSplinter Review
This should fix the crash. I would be awesome if someone could figure out how to write a automated testcase for this.
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Product: Firefox → Core
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aceman, did you try testing it on the nightly or beta channel?
i havent checked nightly at all yet, but have seen it on beta channel in 2 computers
NO, I did it on FF6.0.2. But it seems Jonas can already see it.
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Keywords: crash, crashreportid
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(In reply to Jonas Sicking (:sicking) from comment #9)
> Created attachment 559491 [details] [diff] [review]
> Patch to fix
> This should fix the crash. I would be awesome if someone could figure out
> how to write a automated testcase for this.

Couldn't you convert the test case attached to the bug to a chrome mochitest of some sort?
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