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save all tabs function/ library has count error


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Steps to reproduce:

after completing a search using (having opened several sites in new tabs), the total number of open (and active) tabs was 33 ... having right-clicked on original tab (, and selected "bookmark all tabs," created a file name for the bunch ... 

Actual results:

in the library window, double-checked that all tabs were saved by selecting all (ctrl+a), but item count was 31 (not 33) ... went back to browser window, and manually (right-click on tab, select "bookmark this tab") added each of the tabs to same file ... each came back with results indicating the tab had already been saved (plz see attached "2011-09-06 tab count vs library count") ... also, when using "bookmark all tabs" today on smaller bunches of tabs (under 10 items each), these visually were the correct items in library and browser, so it doesn't seem that items are being dropped, just that the count is off once it gets somewhere in the double digits

Expected results:

tab count on browser window should have matched item count in library file when "bookmark all tabs" is used
Can you attach a screenshot from the library showing the bookmarks and the wrong count?
Severity: normal → S3
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