Please loan 10 not-yet-production tegras to dougt for workshop at allhands



7 years ago
5 years ago


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dougt has asked like to setup a "how to hack/debug on tegras" session at the allhands. For this, dougt is asking for 10 tegras, power bricks, and USB-to-pc cables. I believe no ask for monitors/keyboards/etc.

dougt: can you confirm this is accurate description of needs?

Notes to RelEng/IT: 
1) To avoid impacting production wait times, please pull 10 of the not-yet-in-production tegras. 
2) These tegras are currently in 650castro. These need to be delivered to the allhands hotel in SJ.
3) After the allhands, we'll need these back in 650castro, and need to reimage them to known state before we put them into production.
Pulled 5 that were destined for devs, and 5 that were pending imaging for the production pool. The devs are OK with waiting until after allhands.

I did need to pull power cords out of the shoe racks for 5 of them, so putting them back into the production-bound pool will require rewiring those slots.
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Comment 2

7 years ago
Don't forget the usb cables as well
(In reply to Bob Moss :bmoss from comment #2)
> Don't forget the usb cables as well

Heh, Yeah, there were usb cables as well as wall warts and 1' "outlet saver" extension cords in the box.
fyi: one of the 10 tegras was loaned for fuzzing work, see details in bug#686897

Comment 5

7 years ago
these were in the IT area during the allhands on Friday.
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