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Delete doesn't work on the last contenteditable=false element nested in a contenteditable=true element


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 1. Open the attached test case.
 2. Place the caret in front of the comma before the last span.(the caret cannot be placed right before the span because of bug #685452)
 3. Press the Delete key twice.

Expected Results:
 The first key press deletes the space before the last span and the second one deletes the last span.

Actual Results:
 The last span (blue letter) cannot be deleted.

 Select the last span then press Delete.
FTR/note2self: this bug is related to layout/generic/nsSelection.cpp.
nsFrameSelection::MoveCaret returns NS_ERROR_FAILURE when trying to reach the edge of the editable <div> with cursor keys.
Duplicate of this bug: 1441670
See Also: → 1452517
Duplicate of this bug: 1469813
Duplicate of this bug: 1478628
Assignee: nobody → m_kato
Depends on: 1484593
Depends on: 1484602
This is still the case in version 62, and probably related to issue 1267897
See Also: → 1509650
Whiteboard: [h2review-noted]
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