bitmaps for scrollbars sometimes missing / not drawn




7 years ago
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7 years ago
Sometimes the scrollbars are missing the bitmap elements (arrows, hash marks in the middle).  Theme, safe mode, and new profile all have no effect.

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7 years ago
After this was filed I restarted 2.3.3, which is the first version I experienced this bug in, but before doing so, I looked for *.mfl to delete from my profile, and there were none. So instead I deleted startupCache.4.little, then started, and the bitmaps were missing no more. The freshly created startupCache.4.little file is 677,926 bytes, while the 28 hour older one I deleted was 772,807. How many tabs I had open then and now I have no idea, as I keep open too many to keep track of.

Comment 2

7 years ago
First 2.5 start they were missing again. I immediately shut down, deleted startupCache.4.little, restarted, and normal was restored. startupCache.4.little is currently 1,667,392 bytes while 2nd startup remains active, with 26 tabs, plus a mailnews window. I only ever use Modern theme. Original profile create date is 5 days short of 2 years. I use a userChrome.css file that is 3.621 bytes, eCS 1.14, latest Snap, SDDFONTSIZE=medium, SDDICONS=small, with Innotek FE 2.6beta applied to pmshell.exe, but no other apps I currently use. 12 *cache* about:config entries are not at defaults. Installed extensions are Addon Compatibility Reporter, Chatzilla, Copy Plain Text, DOMI, JS Debugger, NoScript, Preserve Download Modification Timestamp, SQLite Manager.

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7 years ago
Apparently this is not necessarily limited to OS/2. With Modern theme'd 20110928 2.4.1 Linux last open in KDE 3.5.10 before replacing it with 2.5 it happened to me, but it fixed itself on first 2.5 open.
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7 years ago
Summary: [OS/2] bitmaps for scrollbars sometimes missing / not drawn → bitmaps for scrollbars sometimes missing / not drawn

Comment 4

7 years ago
First 2.6 start they were missing again. I immediately shut down, deleted startupCache.4.little, restarted, and normal was restored.

Comment 5

7 years ago
In comment 4 I meant to say in Linux, where the same thing happened again with 2.7.

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6 years ago
Whereas this was intermittent for me in previous builds, it is consistent with 2.7 default theme (on OS/2). Deleting startupCache.4.little has no effect (button images still missing). I haven't run on Linux often enough to notice a pattern, though I'm sure I've seen it at least once.

I'll will spend some time with a fresh profile to see if I can detect anything odd with my usual profile.

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6 years ago
Happened to me again in rv10.0.6 build ID 20120801231937 on eCS.

Comment 8

6 years ago
I have some consistency to this, I think.

I'm presently running SM Normally, I start the app by launching MailNews. In this manner, I consistently have scrollbar bitmaps. However, if I launch the browser first (typically, I restore a dozen or so tabs when the browser window opens), or if I install an extension and then restart (which by default starts the browser first), scrollabr bitmaps are *consistently* missing.

It feels like a shortage of some memory resource at launch time, where the greater demand of drawing the browser windows (perhaps) as opposed to starting a single tab in MailNews makes the difference.
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