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TPS creates files outside the obj dir


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Proposed patch. v1

Why does TPS write things outside the obj dir anyway? I'd rather fix this at the root than hide the spew.
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tps.log gets written to the curdir wherever runtps is invoked from, unless overridden with the --logfile option.  The other files are side effects of calling python on tps; I'll modify to clean those up.
Here's a version which prevents TPS from writing any files to locations other than its virtualenv, except for tps.log, which by default is written to the current directory.  You can invoke runtps from any directory, so you can avoid tps.log in the src dir by not invoking runtps there, or by passing it the --logfile options.
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Summary: Ignore TPS build output in Mercurial → TPS creates files outside the obj dir
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Proposed patch v.2

Beautiful. Thanks, jgriffin.
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