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HTML not rendered properly when span tag is used


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Steps to reproduce:

Composed a web page

Actual results:

Firefox 6.0.2 is not rendering HTML properly when span tag is used.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and prior versions of Firebox do render the HTML properly.  Using Firefox and IE on Windows XP.

Expected results:

Specifications via span tag should have been respected.  See comments in attached file.
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There is an unclose <a name="Example1">, which has to get closed when the <a href="" target="_blank"> is parsed.  That involves closing the <span class="mknorm" as well.

Over to parser, but I believe the new behavior is what the HTML5 spec calls for.  It also matches WebKit, and I believe matches the IE10 platform preview.
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I would assume the <span> is automatically closed because <p> is not a valid child of <span>.  You'll want to use <div> for this.

-<span>'s only valid children are "Phrasing Content": see "content model" of
-<p> is not "Phrasing Content":

Chrome is also matching Firefox's behavior on this one.
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