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Pinned pages from IE in Windows 8 don't launch default browser


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Windows 8
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Pinned pages in IE on Windows 8 create tiles.

I think very much on purpose, when you click on them, they launch IE.  Even if FireFox is the default browser.

We may want to look into taking over these tiles if we are the default browser and launching ourselves instead.  This may not be possible or desirable, but if work is done here it should be done in this ticket.
Depends on: 686835
Bbondy - resolved - figured out? :)
So our pinned tiles will belong to us and their pinned tiles will be long to them.
The secondary pinned tiles will only launch in Metro when the pinned parent browser is the default browser.

> A Metro style enabled desktop browser may pin secondary tiles while 
> running in the Metro style user experience. These tiles will be 
> associated with the app that created them (the Metro style enabled 
> desktop browser), the same as any other secondary tile.
> While the secondary tiles’ parent Metro style enabled desktop browser 
> app is the current default browser, those secondary tiles launch in the 
> Metro style user experience and have Metro style visuals. If their 
> parent app is no longer the default browser, those secondary tiles 
> are treated the same as any desktop tile.
Closed: 8 years ago
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