Browser hang when trying to press toolbar buttons (File, Edit, View, etc)




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Steps to reproduce:

Opened firefox, tried to press any button from the toolbar (File, Edit, View, etc)

Actual results:

Firefox hang, and I can't press anything on the window.

Expected results:

Well, the menu (of "File" button, for example) should have been opened.

Two comments:
- My homedir is mounted from a server
- Firefox was working perfectly. I don't know what have happened. Maybe an update of some packages (but I can't remember what was updated recently).
Please try first and if that doesn't help create a new profile .
Create the profile on the local FS if a new profile on your server doesn't work.
btw: mounted via NFS ?

Comment 2

6 years ago
Before I post this bug-report, I 've tried to remove completely the .mozilla folder (mv .mozilla .mozilla_old) ... but it didn't help.
I've tried to use safe-mode, and yet, the problem repeats.
Yes, it is mounted via NFS.
Can you create a new profile on the local FS and not on the NFS mount ?
Can you download a binary, extract it for example in /temp and run it from there ?

Comment 4

6 years ago
A profile  created on my local /home/username dir, before mounting it from the server, works great.
After mounting server:/home ... The failure happens also when I create a profile on /tmp, or running firefox-bin from /tmp.
I took the firefox-bin from the file I've downloaded from
I don't know how common a profile on a nfs mount is but I can't see other reports.
This could be related to sqlite that Firefox is using for the history, bookmarks, cookies.

There are only 2 ways how to proceed.
- Finding a regression range if this is a regression in Firefox
- creating a backtrace with gdb and debug symbols if this is no regression.
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