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Update reflect.js for spec changes related to "-0"


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Steps to reproduce:

Set a non-negative signed integer attribute using element.setAttribute(-0), and attempt to get the IDL reflection using element[attribute]. 

For example:

input.setAttribute(maxLength, "-0")
input[maxLength] = ?

textarea.setAttribute(maxLength, -0)
textarea[maxLength] =?

Actual results:

input[maxLength] = 0
textarea[maxLength] = 0

Expected results:

According to the spec, non-negative signed integers should fail to parse "-0" and should return the default value.

input[maxLength] = default value of -1
textarea[maxLength] = default value of -1
Depends on: 669578
I think no browser actually do what the spec requires here. I wonder if we should ask for a spec change or just have browser fixed.
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
I think it makes more sense to get rid of the "rules for parsing non-negative integers" algorithm, and replace it with calling the "rules for parsing integers" with a >=0 check. Mounir, do you want to file?
Spec bug filed. Hopefully, the specifications will change.
Spec bug has been fixed. Maybe we can close this bug now.
Still need some cleanup in reflect.js. In particular, the todo about this bug should be removed, and I think we can use one regexp instead of two in stringToInteger. Want to fix?
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Patch v1


>+      if (-0x80000000 <= result[1] && result[1] <= 0x7FFFFFFF) {
>+        // If the value is within allowed value range for signed/unsigned integer, return value
>+        if (nonNegative === false || 0 <= result[1]) {

I think this would probably be slightly clearer as

if ((nonNegative ? 0 : -0x80000000) <= result[1] && result[1] <= 0x7FFFFFFF)

r=me either way.
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Attached patch Patch v1.01Splinter Review
Change suggested by Ms2ger.
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Someone should update the misleading summary now.
Summary: "-0" should not reflect 0 for non-negative signed integer attributes → Update reflect.js for spec changes related to "-0"
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