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7 years ago
There are two urls that exactly match between and --

This means that there's a collision here, and you won't get the Firefox version unless you include the l10n string. The firefox/ url should really be:

I propose that the stuff be moved/rewritten to be so that it will never collide with the /legal/ bits on


7 years ago
Summary: should have /firefox/ in it → should be
John, care to chime in?
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Comment 2

7 years ago
That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Liz, any concerns or comments?

Comment 3

7 years ago
Both pages have EULAs, they aren't our main legal notices, so I think EULA should stay in the URLs. One option would be to combine the two pages and have one section be old Firefox and Thunderbird EULAs and the other section be Mozilla Project EULAs or something like that. Any reason not to do that?

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7 years ago
Maybe the explanation isn't clear: I wasn't saying to remove EULA from the url, I was proposing that should become and indeed that everything under the old /legal/ folder should be prefixed with /firefox/ to avoid any future collisions with /legal/ stuff.

Comment 5

7 years ago
Thanks for the clarification. I still think it would be better to combine the two pages. 

If they aren't combined, the only minor problem I see for that page being in a firefox folder is that it also includes Thunderbird EULAs. Maybe that doesn't matter. 

I don't think all legal stuff that was on should be in a folder prefixed with firefox because most of it is not firefox specific. That said, I don't know what was included under the old /legal/ folder. The legal notices page that applies to all our websites is currently located at Were you thinking of moving that too?
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The Mozilla products are now EULA-free, and describes that.
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